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The Parrot That Was Afraid Of Flying

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Pablo the Parrot was tremendously afraid of heights. He couldn’t even stand on a chair without feeling his legs shake.

If it were up to him, the little parrot would never leave the ground at all.

But his mother had different plans for him. She wanted to send him to flying school so he could learn how to fly.

One cold winter morning, when they were going to flying school, Pablo cried so much that he was all covered in frosty tears. It didn’t take long before he got a fever.

“Well you can’t go to Flying School if you have a fever,” said the little bird’s mother.

Pablo was overjoyed. Now he could stay at home and hug the ground all day long.

The best thing about staying on the ground was that he could talk to his best friend Jimmy the Eagle.

But guess what. Jimmy the Eagle wasn’t at home. He had gone off to flying school and was learning how to glide.

So Pablo decided to watch his friend safely from the ground.

It was fantastic to watch all the birds fly around in the air. One of them made loops. Another one flew into the sea and came out with a fish!

But the best of them was Jimmy the Eagle.

Jimmy flew all the way up to the sky. He was so high up that Pablo couldn’t see him anymore.

And this was when Pablo realized that staying alone on the ground wasn’t fun at all. Not without even being able to see Jimmy in the sky.

By the end of the day, Jimmy the Eagle came to Pablo’s home.

“Did you see me Pablo?” said Jimmy. “Wasn’t it amazing?”

“Yes but can’t you stay home with me tomorrow?” replied Pablo. “I didn’t like to be alone on the ground”.

“I can’t” said Jimmy the Eagle. “I belong to the sky. You do too Pablo. Come with me to flying school tomorrow”.

Pablo didn’t know what to do. There was no chance he was going to go to flying school. The little parrot thought he had lost his best friend.

That night, Pablo dreamt that he was flying in the sky with Jimmy the Eagle. It was amazing to see all the world from above.

Unfortunately, he quickly woke up to realize it was all just a dream. But he knew he could turn the dream into reality.

That morning, he found the strength to do what he thought he would never do. He went to flying school with Jimmy the Eagle.

Jimmy took flight easily, while Pablo was still on the ground.

“Come on Pablo, you can do it” said Jimmy.

Pablo closed his eyes, spread his wings and took flight. Before he knew it, he was high up in the sky.

“Open your eyes Pablo” said Jimmy the Eagle.

Pablo opened his eyes and was surprised.

He couldn’t believe how beautiful the world looked from above.

From that moment on, Pablo was never afraid of heights again. The little parrot belonged to the sky.

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