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The Little Lion Who Screamed All The Time

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Lila the Lion couldn’t control herself. Whenever she was happy she’d scream louder than the honk of a car.

The little lion loved to go to the forest and hear the singing birds.

But the birds got scared of Lila´s scream and flew away.

Unfortunately, Lila didn't know that her strong scream made the birds fly away. So when she noticed the birds weren’t singing anymore, she got sad. And how do you think Lila the Lion reacted when she was sad? She screamed even louder of course.

She screamed louder than a rock concert!

This made the birds even more frightened. They did not want to come back to the forest at all. So Lila decided to go looking for them.

To find them, Lila needed help from the Magical Tree. The Magical Tree was the oldest tree in the forest. He had a beard that was longer than Santa Claus’. And as all old people are, the Magical Tree was very wise.

“Hey Mr. Magical Tree” said Lila, “Do you know how to make the singing birds come back?”

But the Magical Tree didn’t answer.

So Lila asked again.

And still, no answer …

She asked a third time and when the Magical Tree failed to answer again, Lila screamed.

The Magical Tree then turned around slowly. He looked at Lila for a while, stroking his beard with his branches.

“You have just answered your own question.”

Lila was confused. “What are you talking about?”

“Don’t you see little lion? Every time you scream, the singing birds get frightened. They don’t like your screaming. If you want the singing birds to come back, you have to try to stop screaming.”

“But I scream because I am happy” said Lila. “If I can’t scream, how will I show the birds I like their songs?”

“Just smile and listen quietly” said the Magical Tree. “The singing birds will understand you are happy.”

Lila the lion was very happy that she knew how to make the birds stay. But how would she make them come back?

She wanted to ask the Magical Tree but he had already fallen asleep and once an old tree falls asleep it’s impossible to wake it up.

Now it was impossible for Lila to make the birds come back.

Lila was so sad and so tired that she fell asleep right there, in the lonely forest.

When she woke up, she heard a little “peeping” sound. First she thought it was a dream but it wasn´t. All the singing birds were back in the forest, singing and dancing just for her.

She was so happy she wanted to scream again. But this time she knew better, thanks to the Magical Tree. So she just listened and smiled as she danced to the sweet song of the singing birds that went on for hours and hours until the sun went down.

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