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The Little Elephant That Misbehaved

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Elvis the elephant liked to misbehave. Every time his mother told him what to do, he loved to do the complete opposite thing.

If Elvis’ mother told him not to throw popcorn while watching a movie, he would throw popcorn with his trunk all over the room. His mother would then clean up and get more popcorn for Elvis.

When she told him not to throw food on the floor, he would push his plate over the edge of the table. Elvis’ mother always responded by picking up the food from the floor and cooking a new meal for him.

And when Elvis’ mother said that he shouldn’t throw a ball on her face, he did precisely that. His mother would get angry with Elvis but she always gave him his ball back so he could continue playing.

One day, when it was time to watch a movie, Elvis’ mother had prepared a bowl of popcorn.

“I have popcorn for tonight’s movie” said Elvis mother. “But I don't want any popcorn on the floor”. But Elvis knew exactly what he was going to do. He was going to throw popcorn all over the place.

When his mother gave him his bowl of popcorn, Elvis took it with his trunk and made a huge mess! It was as if a pig had walked into the house.

His mother got fed up with Elvis and said “Ok Elvis. Clearly you don’t want popcorn because you are throwing it on the floor. We’ll just have to go on watching the movie without popcorn today.”

Elvis was surprised. He was sure his mother would get him a new bowl of popcorn as she always did.

Later, when it was time for dinner, Elvis did as he always used to do and pushed his food over the edge. It fell on the floor and made a huge mess.

“Oh that’s too bad Elvis,” said his mother. “Now there’s no more food for you to eat. I guess you’re not hungry, otherwise you wouldn’t have thrown it. I’ll go ahead and eat by myself.”

She didn’t prepare any more food for Elvis that day, and he was so hungry he could eat a horse.

Elvis was angry with his mother because she didn’t give him more popcorn or food. So he threw his ball on his mother’s face as hard as he could.

And what do you think Elvis’ mother did? She didn’t get angry with him at all. She simply took the ball from Elvis and said “Oh you don’t like to play with the ball? I understand that you don’t seem to like it because you threw it away. I’m going to take it away from you so you don’t have to play with it anymore.”

Now Elvis didn’t have a ball to play with. He was bored and starving.

Misbehaving wasn’t so fun when Elvis had to take responsibility for his actions.

Next day, when it was popcorn time, Elvis sat quietly and finished his popcorn. “I am so proud of you Elvis” said Elvis’ mother and gave him a ton of hugs.

Later, when it was time for dinner, Elvis ate everything without throwing food on the floor. His mother had the biggest smile in the world. “You make me so happy Elvis”, said Elvis’ mother. “Let’s go and play with your ball”.

Elvis and his mother played with the ball for hours.

Elvis didn’t know that misbehaving wasn’t good. He realised that it wasn’t funny at all. It only made his mother sad or angry. It was much more fun to behave well!

“It’s the happiest day of my life” shouted Elvis with his little trunk.

The End

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