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The Little Ant That Wanted To Choose Her Own Clothes

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Every day they had a big discussion about clothes. Alice didn’t like that her mother always told her
what to wear.

One sunny day, Alice decided to wear a raincoat and her favorite rubber boots.

“Ok Ali. I guess it´s a better idea if I stop telling you what to wear” said her mother. “Wear whatever you want.”

Alice’s mother helped her put her rain clothes on and the little ant ran to the anthill.

But on that particular day, all her friends were climbing trees. How could Alice climb trees wearing rubber boots?

She tried but it was very difficult. First she placed one foot on a branch. Then the other. When she had almost reached the top she slipped and fell!

Alice had never felt so much pain. It was as if thousand bees were stinging her at once.

The following day, there was one thing that Alice was absolutely sure of: she was not wearing her raincoat and rubber boots again. She wanted to be able to climb trees like the other ants.

Alice was so excited about climbing that she didn’t even get dressed. She went to the anthill in her pyjamas! All the ants pointed at her and laughed. Maybe it was true that she looked a little funny, right?

Next day, Alice definitely didn’t want to look like a clown in pyjamas so she decided to wear shorts.

But suddenly the clouds turned dark. They made a roaring sound, like an angry dog. It didn’t take long until rain started pouring down and Alice became soaked. She was colder than an ice cream.

Alice was trembling and started to feel ill.

“Now I can’t play in the anthill anymore. Not until I recover from my illness” thought Alice and cried. She was devastated because going to the anthill was her favorite activity.

But the next afternoon, the little ant wasn’t ill at all. She was jumping around the house, waiting to go to the anthill.

“Mommy, can you please help me to choose my clothes?” said Alice.

“Of course little Alii” said her mother with a smile.

Alice’s mother helped her put on her sweater and they went to the anthill.

The clouds were moving in the sky and the leaves were rustling in the wind. It was a cold afternoon but Alice could play happily all day long.

She was happy to wear a sweater in the anthill that day. And her mother was happy because Alice was happy.

The little ant learned that sometimes it’s a good idea to listen to her mother.

The End

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