Short English Stories For Kids

Short English Stories For Kids

Improve your child's vocabulary by reading short English stories for kids regularly. This will also make your children happier and more creative.

We have created a collection of original short stories for children that we hope both you and your child will fall in love with. Just choose which type of tale you and your kid want to read and then select the story you want to read. If you like our short stories, you can sign up to receive new stories to your inbox every week.

Most of our stories are based on the Waterfall Island. It's a beautiful place full of talking little animals, wise parents, a grandmother that solves crimes and much more.

Read short English stories for kids that teach moral points. These cute little tales are loved by our grown up audience, as well as by the little ones. I am sure that you will love them too.

Strange things happen on the Waterfall Island. A lost pair of gloves, stolen swimsuites. Life would be a lot more difficult if it weren't for the Island's private Detective Grandma. Follow our favorite investigator as she solves unsolvable crimes.