Reading stories for your child can be a headache ...

But Not Anymore

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I know what it feels like. The struggle of knowing the importance of reading for your child every day, without being able to do it easily. You already know that if you don't read for your child, there's a risk the other children will be more advanced in school.

But first you have to find an appropriate story. One that educates them and doesn't give them nightmares. Oh, and it has to be fun to hear, too.

Then the looooong discussion with your kids regarding which stories to choose. And having many children means many strong wills ...

All this effort, only to realize that the little devils start to run around, moments after you started reading for them!

Has all this ever made you want to skip storytime? Well, then you have a problem. One you need to solve NOW. Don't let it wait, only to realize that your child has grown a year older and missed all those important stories.

I've written a series of short stories that are designed to make your struggles with storytime a thing of the past.

All stories take around 2 minutes to read so your child can Concentrate Easily

500 words long, they only take you about two minutes to read. By the time your child's feet start to move, you have already finished the story, and also injected your important daily shot of knowledge and creativity into your child's sweet little memory.

No more discussions

And remember that discussion about choosing stories? Well, that won't happen anymore, now that the Waterfall Island chooses the story for the whole family every day. It's a bit like television shows for kids in the old days. There were no shows to choose from and the discussion was simply eliminated.

Don't let your children fall behind in school!

In addition to writing a lot of original stories that you will fall in love with, I have made short children's adaptations of classical stories that are essential for your children to know by the time they reach school.

You'll get:

  • Greek myths
  • Short versions of classical fairytales like Cinderella
  • Children's summaries of Classical books like Moby Dick or Robinson Crusoe
  • Arabian Classics Like Alladin

Knowing these stories before starting school will give your children a head start compared with all the other children. There's no better motivator for children to study than being praised by your teachers for your knowledge. This happened to me as a child and it helped me get straight A's all the way through high school.

Subscribe to my email story service and you will get:

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  • You'll get the stories as PDF, EPUB and as plain text in your emails.
  • All stories are safely kept in your inbox for quick access in the car, beach, park or wherever you find two spare minutes to read a short story for your children.
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