Mystery Stories For Kids

Mystery Stories For Kids

Are you looking for some great detective stories for children? Look no further! Here's a list of original mystery stories for kids located on the Waterfall Island. Follow Detective Grandma as she solves unsolvable crimes.

Our readers love to guess what happened to the different characters and then read as the plots unfold themselves. Can you and your child solve the mysteries? Pick one of our mystery stories for kids and find out!

Detective Grandma And The Lost Swimsuit

Leo refused to come out of the sea because someone stole his swimsuit. How could this be? Who would want to take the little boy’s swimsuit? Detective Grandma and little Leo solve this case in an adorable way.

Detective Grandma And The Lost Gloves

Somebody had stolen Molly's digging gloves and the digging competition was around the corner. Who took Molly's gloves minutes before the race? Only Detective Grandma knew how to find the answer!

Detective Grandma And The Missing Bird

The trees were already waiting for the birds to start singing for them but their lead singer had disappeared. Why would Betty the bird disappear like this? This was a case for Detective Grandma!

Detective Grandma And The Broken Hot Air Balloon

Somebody had broken Leo's hot air balloon and he couldn't stopped crying. But who broke his hot air ballon only one day after his birthday party? Only Detective Grandma knew how to turn those tears into a big smile.