Detective Grandma

Detective Grandma And The Missing Bird

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Betty the singing bird was missing. All the birds were crying because Betty was their lead singer. The trees were already waiting for the birds to start singing for them.

One of them went to Detective Grandma to find some help.

“When was the last time you saw her Amanda?” asked Detective Grandma.

“Two days ago, when we were singing for Lila the Lion”, answered Amanda.

“And then, we all fell asleep. When I got up, she wasn’t there”, she said, with tears rolling
down her cheeks.

How could this be? Why would Betty the bird disappear like this? This was a case for Detective Grandma!

“Let’s all quiet down and try to hear if Betty is singing somewhere” said Detective Grandma.

All the singing birds stopped crying for a moment and the whole forest was silent.

“Oh, yes!” said Detective Grandma.

“What did you hear granny?” asked Amanda.

“I hear nothing” answered Detective Grandma. “With my age I am practically deaf. But I have a feeling that whoever kidnapped Betty the bird also likes to hear her singing. Who likes Betty´s song?”

“All the trees of the forest love to hear Betty singing” answered Amanda. “Let’s go and ask Tito the Tree.

“I sure am a big fan of Betty the Bird. But there´s no way I could have taken her. Look at my roots, I`m stuck to the ground. You´ll have to go ahead and look for her elsewhere.” said Tito the Tree.

“What about the other singing birds?” said Amanda. “They all loved to hear Betty”.

“Think again my dear” interrupted Detective Grandma. “If one of the birds would have kidnapped Betty, there would be two missing birds and not only onw.

“Oh shoot” said Amanda. “I guess there´s no way we´ll be able to find Betty the Bird. The concert will be a big failure. And worst of all, I´ve lost my friend.”

Detective Grandma tried to cheer Amanda up.

“Don´t you worry, little bird. Go to your friend Lila the Lion´s den. She´ll help you cheer up while you get some rest.” said Detective Grandma.

“Ok” said Amanda.

And she flew away to Lila the lion’s den.

She reached Lila’s den in a few minutes. When Amanda got there, she heard Betty´s
voice. Were her ears ringing, or it was really Betty? Chirping in her melodious voice.

She knocked at the door, and Lila came to open it.

“Is Betty here?” asked Amanda.

“Yes, she is here”, answered Lila.

Hearing this, Amanda quickly flew in Lila’s den, and hugged Betty.

“You do not know how much I missed you. Why did you leave? The concert to the trees is about to start!” said Amanda.

By that time, Detective Grandma also got there.

“Why did you kidnapped this super little star?” asked Detective Grandma.

“ I didn’t kidnap her. I just liked his voice so much that I invited her to my den. Betty came with me by herself.”

“But you could have told us Betty. We were scared about you” said Amanda crying.

Betty the bird said sorry to Amanda. She came to realize her mistake.

“I shouldn’t left just like that, without telling you. Please forgive me”, said Betty

“It’s ok my friend. I am happy you are fine”, said Amanda “Let’s go back to the forest and do the best concert ever! Lila the Lion and Detective Grandma can have the front row seat!”

The End

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