Detective Grandma

Detective Grandma And The Lost Swimsuit

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Leo refused to come out of the sea, and his best friend Tommy the dolphin was not there to help him.

“Come out of the water and let’s go for an ice cream“ shouted Leo’s grandma. But the little boy shook his head.

“What about going to the cinema?” insisted Leo’s granny. “No!” answered Leo.

“We can go to the amusement park Leo!”

But Leo still refused to leave the water.

“Why don’t you want to come out of the water, Leo?” asked the little boy’s grandmother.

The boy answered shamefully, “Because someone stole my swimsuit!”

How could this be? Who would want to take the little boy’s swimsuit? This was a case for Detective Grandma!

“What colour were your shorts?” asked Detective Grandma.

“But granny, you already know the colour of my shorts. You’re the one who gave them to me!” answered the little boy.

“Oh yes, I forgot” said the often forgetful Detective Grandma. “I remember they were not blue …”

“They were yellow grandma!” continued Leo.

“Exactly! So we’re looking for someone with yellow shorts. Let’s ask Lisa the Giant Sea Turtle if she’s seen anyone wearing them. She’s the swim teacher after all. If anyone has seen all the animals in the water, it’s her.”

The giant sea turtle was more than happy to help Detective Grandma. She rounded up all the students that wore yellow shorts. Problem was … all the humans had identical yellow shorts!

“I see,” said Detective Grandma.

“What do you see Granny?” asked the little boy.

“I see nothing” answered Detective Grandma. “Without my glasses, I’m practically blind. But I have a feeling that whoever took your shorts is an animal that normally doesn’t wear shorts. Look around you Leo. Do you see any animal wearing yellow shorts?”

Leo looked everywhere. All the fish were naked. Conny the Crab had eight legs so she couldn’t wear shorts, even if she wanted. The Giant Sea Turtle didn’t need shorts because she had her huge shell.

As the matter of fact, no animals in the beach were wearing shorts.

“I’ll never find my shorts. I’m going to have to walk out of the water and everyone will see me naked” cried Leo.

“Don’t you worry child” intervened Detective Grandma. “Just let me put my glasses on and I’ll help you out.”

Detective Grandma reached into her purse and pulled out her glasses. She lifted them towards her eyes very slowly. Leo thought she was slower than a snail.

“Hurry Grandma! I’m naked over here!”

Finally, the glasses were in place.

“Ah yes ... Now I see!” said Detective Grandma.

“What do you see Grandma?” asked the little boy.

“I see that friend of your’s. He’s swimming out there in the horizon. A big blue fish wearing shorts, heading towards us.”

“He’s not a fish Grandma! He’s Tommy the Dolphin!”

“Why did you take my shorts Tommy?” asked Leo.

“I just wanted to try what it felt like to dress like my best friend!” answered the dolphin as he handed over the shorts to the little boy. “You can have them back now. I wish I had a pair of shorts as well.”

“Thanks Tommy,” said Leo and smiled. “I have another pair at home. I’ll bring them to you tomorrow so we can look alike.”

“Come on now little boy” said Grandma. “Let’s go and have some ice cream.”

The End

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