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Detective Grandma And The Lost Gloves

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Molly the Mole had lost her digging gloves, and the digging competition started in ten minutes!

Crowds of insects were already finding their spectator seats to watch the moles compete for the gold medal. The underground arena was almost full.

“Where was the last place you saw them?” asked Detective Grandma.

“On my rock.” answered Molly. “Alice the Ant had left them there after washing them for me. But when I turned around, they were gone!”

How could this be? Who would want to take Molly’s gloves minutes before the race? This was a case for Detective Grandma!

“Let’s ask Pablo the Parrot if he has seen anyone wearing gloves. He can see everything from high up in the sky.”

Pablo the Parrot was delighted to help Detective Grandma. Problem was … this was an underground robbery!

“Oh no” said Detective Grandma.

“What happened Granny?” asked the little mole.

“The ground” answered Detective Grandma. “I can’t kneel with my sore knee, Molly. But I have a feeling that whoever took your gloves is an animal that is in the underground arena. Do you see any animal with gloves?”

Molly looked everywhere. All the moles wore identical gloves. They were standing on the starting line, ready to begin digging for the gold medal.

With only five minutes left until the race went off, Molly left the arena to look for her gloves with Detective Grandma.

“How do you wear a pair of gloves Molly?” asked Detective Grandma.

“But granny, you already know how to wear a pair of gloves. You are wearing a pair of gloves right now!” answered Molly.

“Oh yes, you wear them on your hands.” said Detective Grandma. “So we are looking for someone with hands. Do you know anyone with hands Molly?”

But Molly didn’t know anyone with hands.

“Ready, set, dig!” shouted a voice from the arena.

Molly was devastated. Now she would never win the gold medal.

She sat on Detective Grandma’s knees and started to cry.

“Go to the spectators’ seats and watch the race with Alice the Ant. You will find comfort with your friend.” said Detective Grandma.

When Molly found Alice among the thousands of cheering insects, she noticed something special. The little ant was wearing gloves. And not just any gloves; Molly’s digging gloves!

“Why’d you take my gloves Ali?” asked Molly.

“Because I wanted to have something that reminded me of you while I was watching you compete” answered Alice the Ant.

“But I needed them for digging. Now they are all competing without me.” responded Molly the Mole.

“Oh I am sorry Molly, I didn’t know it made you sad. Next time I will ask for your permission. Here you go.” said Alice and handed over the gloves.

“It’s too late now anyway” said Molly.

“No it’s not!” interrupted Alice. “You are the best digger of them all. Go get that medal, Molly!”

Molly hurried down to the competitor area, found her untouched hole and started digging quicker than ever. Before she knew it, she had finished the race before everyone else. All the insects were cheering “Molly the Mole! Molly the Mole!”

Alice the Ant was appointed to hand the gold medal to the winner.

Somehow, Molly couldn’t help thinking that Detective Grandma knew Alice had the gloves all along.

The End

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