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Detective Grandma And The Broken Hot Air Balloon

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Leo the boy was crying because his new hot air balloon was broken, only one day after his birthday party.

“Is that the hot air balloon that I gave you little Leo?” asked Detective Grandma.

“Yes granny” cried Leo. “Yesterday I flew all day with Elvis the Elephant and then I went to sleep. And this morning I found it broken”.

How could this be? Who would break Leo’s birthday present? This was a case for Detective Grandma.

“Let’s calm down and see if we find some fingerprints” said Detective Grandma. “I am sure this will help us to bring your big smile back”.

Leo stopped crying for a moment and started searching for fingerprints.

“Aha!” said Detective Grandma.

“What do you see Granny?” asked Leo.

“I see that I don’t need my glasses, boy” answered Detective Grandma. “Look at that big fingerprint, even someone with only one eye could see it! I have a feeling that whoever broke your hot air balloon was at your birthday party and is bigger than you. Who was at your party and is bigger than you, Leo?”

“Lila the Lion came yesterday” said Leo. “And she is bigger than me! Let’s ask her if she used my hot air balloon.”

“Sorry Leo. But I spent your birthday eating beef bones and listening to the singing birds. You’ll have to go and ask someone else” said Lila the Lion.

“What about Jimmy the Eagle?” said Leo. “He came yesterday and is bigger than me”

“Do you think Jimmy the Eagle would need to use your hot air balloon to fly?” asked Detective Grandma. “Whoever used it is someone like us. Someone who doesn’t know how to fly.”

“Oh Granny” cried Leo “Maybe I just have to forget my new and hot air balloon for ever. What does it matter who did it? It’s broken and I can’t fix it.”

“Take some rest little boy. Go to Elvis the Elephant’s house and bring that lovely smile of your’s back” said Detective Grandma.

When Leo the boy reached Elvis’s house, he didn’t even have to knock on the door. Elvis the Elephant was in the garden putting a big patch inside a box.

“What are you doing with that patch?” asked the little boy.

“It’s for you Leo” answered Elvis the elephant. “I broke your new hot air balloon.”

“Why did you use it without asking me?” asked the little boy. “I would have lended it to you.”

“I don’t know Leo, I shouldn’t have done it!” answered Elvis the Elephant.

“That patch can fix my hot air balloon?” interrupted Leo.

“Yes” said Elvis the Elephant “I feel so bad that I broke it Leo, please forgive me.”

“Of course I forgive you my friend! I am happy that you know how to fix it!” smiled Leo.

Detective Grandma already knew that the little boy would come back with a big smile on his face.

The End

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