Children Stories With Morals

Children Stories With Morals

Do you want to teach your child what's right and wrong by reading fantastic stories? Look no further. Here's a list of lovely children stories with morals that will bring you closer.

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Elvis the Elephant Learns Not To Misbehave

In this story, the little Elephant named Elvis learns why it's bad to misbehave. In the end, he understands the importance of acting like a proper little elephant. It's a cute short tale that you simply don't want to miss!

Alice The Ant Chooses Clothes

Alice the Ant doesn't like that her mother chooses her clothes for her. They fight every day until her mother invents this intelligent solution.

The Parrot That Was Afraid Of Flying

Pablo the Parrot was tremendously afraid of heights. He couldn’t even stand on a chair without feeling his legs shake. If it were up to him, the little parrot would never leave the ground at all. But his mother had different plans for him. She wanted to send him to flying school so he could learn how to fly.

Lila Learns That She Shouldn't Scream

Lila is a little lion that gets overwhelmed with joy. In fact, she gets so happy she can't control herself and screams very loud. But screaming has a few negative consequences and Lila learns this the hard way ...